19 april 2021

De unieke kenmerken van de mooiste kunstkerstbomen, door Xmasdeco ontworpen!

Doesn’t really feel like it!

At Xmasdeco you will find Christmas trees in many different shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common; they all look really real!

If you want to know exactly what the difference is between the (basic) artificial Christmas tree and the LUXE artificial Christmas tree, click here

Easy to set up

Xmasdeco artificial Christmas trees are equipped with a handy folding system, so no hassle with loose twigs! Depending on the size, the tree consists of 2 or 3 parts that can easily be slid in ready.

Then you only have to connect the warm color LED lights, which are already attached (!), with the specially designed connectors and before you know it your tree will literally shine!


Finishing Touch

At Xmasdeco we think of everything! To make the tree stand out even better as the most truthful artificial Christmas tree, we provide a FREE garland that you can easily drape over the foot of the tree.



Easy to store

Unfortunately, there will come a time when we will have to store the tree again for a few months. Fortunately, this can be done very easily by simply disconnecting the light couplings and separating the 2 or 3 parts. Then all you have to do is fold the tree again like an umbrella and store it in the sturdy storage box that the tree came in.

See you next year!


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